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Reach optimal health with personalized 1:1 online coaching

Allow me to be your guide during your journey to reaching your health goals.

How It Works


Custom Training



Not Your Average Program

I do not offer copy and paste programs and do not believe that one program will work for everybody. My training programs are unique, dependent on your personal limits, schedule, and goals. They offer a variety of training variations like hypertrophy/bodybuilding training, performance training, strength training, GBC training, and functional training. Splits will also vary depending on how many days a week an individual  has to train. My programs are sustainable and offer real results. If you’re looking to shed fat, tone,  build muscle, boost libido, boost testosterone,  become more metabolic, increase athletic performance and output or just become a healthier version of yourself then you came to the right place.

The Proper Way

Nutrition starts with finding the right foods for you and your gut. Not one human being is the same, nor has the same requirements in order to achieve a healthy gut microbiome. You will reap the benefits of my specialization in biohacking, Ayurvedic practices and amino acid therapy. Nutrition plays a huge role in every system in your body. With my knowledge and experience in nutrition you can reverse metabolic dysfunctions, increase your metabolism, slow down aging, build muscle, burn fat, improve hormone production, and feel like you're a superhuman.
If you want to achieve optimal health and become the best version of yourself then schedule a consultation call and let's get started!


Eudaimonia Method

Improve Your Lifestyle

Lifestyle is one of the biggest contributions to achieving optimal human health.  We humans are not entirely doomed by our genetics. I believe lifestyle changes can make huge impacts on mood & overall health. Whether you suffer from anxiety, high stress or depression there is always a reason for it, followed by a cure. Together we will find the reason for your challenges and together we will work day by day to overcome those challenges. My method is a combination of nutrition, biohacking,  training, and daily life modifications that will positively impact all aspects of your health (physical, mental, and emotional).

Let's start today and change your life forever.


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